Friday, 27 April 2012

my blood type is GREEN WHITE GREEN

Warri was the town I grew with grandmother, it was my little London where I thought everything was perfect..then I used to think that the smoky taste of grandmother’s soup was a regular flavor that came with every food cooked on firewood and I wondered why we had to use the Smoky oil lamp when our neighbor’s house was lit up with candle. Grandma said candle was a luxury and kerosene stove, she couldn’t afford. I once told a friend..this is the Nigeria I was born into, I once never believed there was anything like a constant electricity in other countries until I read about it, I never knew water could run through a tap until I came to the city, I live in a wonderful country, I’m careful not to say great nor perfect. Sincerely, I cannot think of anything to say that I’m justifiably proud of but many shameful mistakes of which our government has still not learnt from. I have watched Nigeria’s struggle in poverty, in terrorism, in leadership, in education, and the list is endless. I want to cry for the image I had as a child which as I grew, grew with me because there are a lot people just like my grandmother and I who never knew there was a better life asides the one we were born into, but I also know that it is good when we no longer see things as we want them to be but as they are and were. I previously wrote about The Fighting Chance which is a plea to those who think it is all right to prey on the young, vulnerable and poor for their own needs. Isn’t it time to banish poverty, lack of healthcare, homelessness and injustice? Isn’t it time to allow people to protect their earnings and their ability to earn a living, to protect jobs and create more? Isn’t it time for them to stop throwing money into their personal accounts and start repairing our nation's infrastructure? Isn’t it time to begin increasing the quality and availability of a good education and lowering the burden for students and parents? Isn’t it time for compassion and common sense? The time is come for each of us, no matter the age, gender, income, color or level of education, to have our say! We are the life's blood of Nigeria. Without us, there is no one for the power mongers to oppress, cheat or hurt. It is no longer just a matter of OUR rights but more a matter of WHAT'S right ! we shall fight cos our blood type is green white green!
Should I hold a mirror to our nation and hope that she sees the truth in her reflected image or should I chain myself to the Aso Rock’s fence just so I can be heard?  We are encouraged by subtle threats to keep silent and for decades we have..but the time is come for us to talk, to write about it, to pray about it and it seems to upset many people. Well.. the“cans of worms” is opened, but instead of warms, it is releasing a bunch of gray tigers.. and we are after the people who took our cubs.
If your blood flows green and white, if you’ve got Nigeria crested in your heart, if you haven’t yet lost all hope, Plant a seed for the good life, for an environment of true freedom, where with rights comes responsibilities to each other and our world and where everyone is free from any kind of oppression, be it physical, financial, spiritual. Plant your seed for freedom from ignorance, want and hunger. Plant your seed, tend your row and don’t let the assholes win!

my blood type is GREEN WHITE GREEN

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Same script..different cast

Her soul sags with exhaustion, her zip loosens slowly as a tear shed from each eye..Why do they force her to smile when her heart bleeds as they wrongly interpret the look on her oval face? She wishes they’ll really mean it when they ask ‘how are you’, she puts her hands over her mouth to reduce her scream as she shivers to her knees, she turns up the radio volume when the music plays, just so no one can hear her yell. She longs to hear a different knock at her door asides that of her landlord’s. Shes got pretty sofas and colorful drapes but asides herself, no one else knows how beautiful they are.
*                   *              *             *           *            *               *                *   
He’s been away for so long as you wonder how much more loneliness you can take, you are almost losing your mind. you fill your heart with the memories of his last visit, his last touch, his last kiss on your lips, his whispers in  your ears still resounds and now you relish his bad morning breath, one you couldn’t once bear, you cannot but bear the truth that waiting for him is like a drop of rain in the desert.
*                   *              *             *           *            *               *                *   
You look lost as you watch the empty swing swaying back and forth at your backyard cos you are that sad wife that commends her husband for his faithfulness . .you got a room all painted in bright colors at your pent house hoping someday the cry of your baby would be like sweet music to your ears.
*                   *              *             *           *            *               *                   *   
You’ve been loving him for two years and counting..and you wonder when he’ll put the ring on it, you have given him everything, your soul, your body, your money and what has he given? You ask yourself often and often..why am I still with his sorry ass’’ but walking out that door is a bold step you don’t yet have the courage to want him to bring it? Why would he when he gets everything for free? why should he buy a cow and you’ve been giving him the meat for free..these burning words from your sister on her last visit still resounds in your ears..
*                   *              *             *           *            *               *                   *   
You’ve been hurt one too many times and atlas, you have placed a bullet proved door at the gates of your heart. You scrutinize them thoroughly and have a NO GO sign at d top of your head. Your father’s prophesies and your mother’s rants about how all her friends will tie red george wrapper and gold blouse to the wedding makes you believe they are crazy, in fact, you are certain they are cos you know you got no man, your heart skips at the next wedding invite you receive and you’ve just done you last maid of honor and bride’s maid duties for the last time for a lifetime.
*                   *              *             *           *            *               *                   *  
You want to smile cos your heart bleeds no more, you’ve had one too many visitors and your sofa doesn’t look as new anymore and the music has never been as loud as your laughter, though your landlord’s knock is still the hardest at your door, you only feel sorry for his fist cos the bullet proved door once at your heart has now been relocated to your door step. You have them too many baby girls already and now as it seems your wish list is endless , you want a boy, and you bet the recent morning sickness you’ve been having is a sign that the boy’ is one the way.
This time the waiting ended, he dint come home but you went home……
You finally got the bold steps to walk through those doors, cos still, you never got the ring but then, you realized how stupid you had been…
Just as you’ve always dreamt, it was on a weird sunset Tuesday, on a garden filled with fire lamps and scented candles, in midst of loved ones, ofcourse, with the head gears of your mother's friends causing so much distraction, their red george wrapper and gold blouse is a total contrast to your theme color, but under that scenery, did you tie the knot with the soul that mates your heart.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Weight Loss my plus size sisters

I saw my changing faces through the mirror, I watched me change as my story changed.
Mama used to tell me ..when she was my age she never had big hips and wide stomach and my reply always was '' I am a 21st century child, I’m butter’, I bet u never had this luxury back in those days''

Once upon a time, I had a tiny waist line and broad shoulders that needed no shoulder pads, but I someday lost all that through pressures and depression, happiness, heart breaks and fear. My first job was right after college, I felt fabulous, working on the island and earning quite good, I could do whatever and eat whatever, I was hott, I had lunch dates and date nights, I took to chocolates and had them as regular gifts from so many prospective.. Lunch was always the high point of my day because the meal too was fabulous. I had some sort peace of mind up until the rainy days, things went bumpy at some point and through those times I took to eating. I blew! the growth was rapid, It got to me when everyone complained, my parents, Dad especially thought I was losing it, mum’s was a constant, I felt so embarrassed when I saw an old friend who knew me in my slim days and shocked to see how big I had turned. I started from a size 8 to a size 10+ and when I grew to size 12, I thought it wasn’t so bad and before I knew it I was a confirmed size 14. I also had the toilet problem, I could stay for almost one week without the need to use the toilet, so imagine me eating all the rubbish and not going to toilet for one week, it was just crazy. I still had my pretty face but my body needed help, I was depressed, I couldn’t tell anyone how I felt, I couldn’t tell anyone I hated myself so I kept it all in and acted great from the outside. I thought body magic was the solution, i bought it and made sure i dint step out of my house each day without wearing it but it dint work, i was just living in denial. My hip was a massive 47, with chubby cheeks and drum stomach, I had had just enuf!!!

In November 2011, I made a resolution, I told God of my worries, I told Him I dint feel beautiful, that I lost my confidence, that I was regularly depressed and took to eating to feel better. I move my diet plans to January so I could at least indulge in all d Christmas goodies for d last time. I gave myself a target and Jan 1st 2012 I started..

My target:  from Size 80 to 65
Duration:  3months
How was I to accomplish this? I tried registering at a gym but I ran away when I heard d cost, It was damn too expensive. I had to think of an alternative, of a way that was cheap, drastic and crude.
I resolve to stop eating completely, I thought food brought be this dangerously far and I had had just enough, I stopped eating, I stayed to liquid, Rice was a NO NO!, I opted for wheat bread instead of the regular bread, I had biscuit and water instead of biscuit and beverage, I had green tea with no sugar or milk like 5 cups every day(so bitter), I had groundnuts regularly in my car, in my drawer at work and at home cos that became my quick snack when I was hungry and Lucozade sports for energy when I felt weak. Since I couldn’t afford a gym, I took long walks for about 1hour each for at least twice during the week after work and two hours during the weekends, this was equivalent to a tread mill which helped a great deal to tone down my muscles.

The change was instant, I watched my cheeks dropped, they sank in fast and my folded neck grew lean, by the end of February 2012, I was fab’ and proud. Today 1st March 2012, I weigh 68, my mission continues till March end to weigh 65.  Take notes of what kept me through.. 

Truth: I knew my major problem was food, and I cut it off completely without mercy! I kept my eyes on the price and kept to some rules that I must share with you.


If your weight bothers you that much, you need to acknowledge it as a problem and resolve to find a solution.

No pain no gain: To achieve, you need to make sacrifices, deprive yourself and cut down excesses.

What’s your target: You need to know your current weight and your expected weight, putting your height into consideration as well, because there’s an actual weight for the small, average and tall woman.

Be consistent: After you have gained that great figure, you need to stay in check, kill the love for food and realize you don’t have to eat everything in one day, if you are an emotional person like I am and you take to food when you have those mood swings, you need to have an alternative habit, something else that will excite you and take away your crave for food.

Once in a while when I want to give myself a treat, for example: if I feel like a hot dog in the evening, I deprive myself of food, I’ll stick to fruits and liquid just to have a yummy hot dog in the evening. You could do that as well, make sacrifices for that party you want to attend during the weekend so you can enjoy eating while others are eating as well but not throwing caution to the wind!!! or for that ice cream you’ve been craving, go almost quarter of your meals for d week so you can have a merry weekend of a reasonable portion ice cream.

Its achievable, it’s obtainable!!! Your body is Gods temple, so love it! Be you plus or tiny sized, if you’ve lost your self esteem just cause of how you look, talk to God, tell him your fears and desires, make up your mind for a change and stick to your plans.
If I did it, I bet you can!

Note: These steps I took might not be medically right and might not work for you but worked for me!