Saturday, 5 January 2013


The scar on our fathers only tells the Nigerian stories of yesteryears. The aggressiveness of the Igbo clan are residues from a lost war that claimed loved ones through explosives or starvation . The endless quest for power and the monopoly of it by the Northern tribe dates back from before, where its premier leaders where murdered by my own tribes men who were likened to the Hebrews in Egypt,with the fear that the Easterners would be domineering. They were like ants that ran from the woods to the city. Why shouldn't they be? When only 20pounds was what they found in their accounts which they left fat right before d war broke. We were betrayed by the Western leaders and their people who dived into wealth when my people were being bombarded, their backs were turned at the break of d war after promises that the West was going to be our supporters and part of our 'new country' and against our 'enermy', little did we know that the same words will be used against us. We are aggressive because every subtle ways we once knew, we have now lost, we are domineering because about a million of our men and women and children were lost in a futile war. Our ears are deafened from the sounds of airplanes, gunshots and cries at the loss of a loved one. The pictures of d war, I saw through my fathers eyes, through those who lived and wrote about it. The memories, I have now inherited and my Igbo generation, the dividend of a faulty beginning.


                                                                   Inspired by Biafra
                                                                         Jd Ugwu