Friday, 27 April 2012

my blood type is GREEN WHITE GREEN

Warri was the town I grew with grandmother, it was my little London where I thought everything was perfect..then I used to think that the smoky taste of grandmother’s soup was a regular flavor that came with every food cooked on firewood and I wondered why we had to use the Smoky oil lamp when our neighbor’s house was lit up with candle. Grandma said candle was a luxury and kerosene stove, she couldn’t afford. I once told a friend..this is the Nigeria I was born into, I once never believed there was anything like a constant electricity in other countries until I read about it, I never knew water could run through a tap until I came to the city, I live in a wonderful country, I’m careful not to say great nor perfect. Sincerely, I cannot think of anything to say that I’m justifiably proud of but many shameful mistakes of which our government has still not learnt from. I have watched Nigeria’s struggle in poverty, in terrorism, in leadership, in education, and the list is endless. I want to cry for the image I had as a child which as I grew, grew with me because there are a lot people just like my grandmother and I who never knew there was a better life asides the one we were born into, but I also know that it is good when we no longer see things as we want them to be but as they are and were. I previously wrote about The Fighting Chance which is a plea to those who think it is all right to prey on the young, vulnerable and poor for their own needs. Isn’t it time to banish poverty, lack of healthcare, homelessness and injustice? Isn’t it time to allow people to protect their earnings and their ability to earn a living, to protect jobs and create more? Isn’t it time for them to stop throwing money into their personal accounts and start repairing our nation's infrastructure? Isn’t it time to begin increasing the quality and availability of a good education and lowering the burden for students and parents? Isn’t it time for compassion and common sense? The time is come for each of us, no matter the age, gender, income, color or level of education, to have our say! We are the life's blood of Nigeria. Without us, there is no one for the power mongers to oppress, cheat or hurt. It is no longer just a matter of OUR rights but more a matter of WHAT'S right ! we shall fight cos our blood type is green white green!
Should I hold a mirror to our nation and hope that she sees the truth in her reflected image or should I chain myself to the Aso Rock’s fence just so I can be heard?  We are encouraged by subtle threats to keep silent and for decades we have..but the time is come for us to talk, to write about it, to pray about it and it seems to upset many people. Well.. the“cans of worms” is opened, but instead of warms, it is releasing a bunch of gray tigers.. and we are after the people who took our cubs.
If your blood flows green and white, if you’ve got Nigeria crested in your heart, if you haven’t yet lost all hope, Plant a seed for the good life, for an environment of true freedom, where with rights comes responsibilities to each other and our world and where everyone is free from any kind of oppression, be it physical, financial, spiritual. Plant your seed for freedom from ignorance, want and hunger. Plant your seed, tend your row and don’t let the assholes win!

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  1. This is good, good to know, good on you, so this stories has being in your trunk box until you left SS3 orange, anyway i enjoyed your articulation and rhythm....ravi de te voir