Wednesday, 26 October 2011

MAYBE TOMORROW, he'll be home

Travelling down empty road, one filled with despair
no turn off point for happiness
like the empty swing that rocks back and forth
the empty slide with no laughter filling the air
and the house, dead quiet as the night.
Maybe tomorrow..
wanting to disappear is a solution you have been entertaining,
been in a crowded room and the feeling still resides
you are the solitary figure that walks along the beach
with eyes that seem forever
always gazed towards the ground
Everything suddenly feels upside of down
like the inside of out, with worried look in the eye
you look out your window at the sign Faithcity''
you find no faith in your city only for the one you await
just wishing, maybe tomorrow, there might be laughter,
and the empty house will not seem so bare
because you miss him so much and its like you are insane..
maybe tomorrow and all will be alright.

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