Thursday, 22 September 2011


I love life and very positive about it
I'm very ambitious and there's so much I would love to do, see and experience
I like to read, I love to write, I like to think, I love to fantasize
I talk very less but I'm such a good listener,
I love to wake up and watch the sunrise in the morning and notice the sleepy ocean at night and wonder what goes on under that tranquil.
I love the smell of the sea, I love to sink my legs into the moist beach sand and just sit and stare as far as my eyes can reach
I love nature, I love the rain and the dryness the harmattan brings, I wish it snows in this part of my world
I like to be alone, I like to be surrounded by people sometimes, I love to laugh and just feel like crying sometimes.
Might I be in love again? sometimes I feel butterflies, sometimes I feel fear.
My ever first words were in Pidgin, it was my first language before I learnt to speak English.
I love the sanity in the villages and the noise in the city,
I love the tipsy feel of alcohol but I dare not..
I love high heeled shoes but just might never wear them again just cos

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  1. You love plaintain and want to learn to fry it sexy!! yea right! :)