Thursday, 22 September 2011

THE FIGHTING CHANCE..complete memo

You feel the wetness on your pillow and you wonder if it’s the water from your leaking roof or the hot tears crawling down your cheek cause they both flow simultaneously, one is cold and the other hot. The rumbling in your stomach, the bags under your mother’s eyes and the increasing grey on your father’s hair makes you crave for a chance to win no matter the struggle.

Just one chance is all you ask, to fight for what you think is yours. You want to fight to live, to eat, to breathe, what more can you wish for, what more can you fight for? You’ve never known luxury as a way of life so you ask for only very little.
The only one thing you dint wish for was to be born, it was freely given. You came from two unstable people who fought for a chance to be stable, you never got the best of anything, you had just enough to live another day and have grown to this life of hard knocks.

You want to take your destiny in your own hands, but how can you when you can’t even define destiny? how can you fight when your bones are weak, how can you blow trumpets of war when you fear to die? how can you dream big when all you dream of is the emptiness that the hunger brings to your stomach.
All you wish is fighting chance to dream and see it come to reality, a chance to work, any kind just to have a decent take home pay, a chance to have an education, to study, to become great teacher and lawyer and pilot and doctor and even a president, a chance to be able to express yourself without fear or intimidation, a chance to chase history, to make history and to write history, a chance to be great and be creative, to be in music, in fashion, in dance, to make a name for yourself no matter how high or low a thing you do as far its legit'.
You fight for a chance to be rich even when poverty is all you've known, to believe that poverty is not a crime but that if only you had better opportunities as the rich you wouldn’t be this screwed.

You want to create wealth, to give, to help, to be a blessing, to create success, to make a name for yourself, you want to fight hunger and poverty and corruption and war and terrorism and disasters, you want to bring hope to the eyes of the Nigerian child, a chance, for you are African and  most of your countries are in conflict, there is drought in your horn, your north, up in arms, west up in terrorism and south in flood.

All you want is a fighting chance to live in a world when every 18 minutes, a young person’s life is taken, when your future looks so bleak, when you just want to be something and anything but a nobody, all you crave is a chance to fight.

Though you got history filled with dirt and you want to glory in your glories, you don’t just want to read history but write your own history in gold letters.

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